It can be difficult finding a responsible roommate. When my marriage ended, I ended up with a roommate who half way through our lease quit their job, stopped paying their share, and left me financially with the full burden. If only I had been more diligent.

Search after search, page after page. Hours upon hours, days upon days. I can’t tell you how much of my time had been taken up looking for a safe, affordable place to live. The responses I did get back were creepy. These were from people with no pics or adequate description, yet asking me if/when I would like to come and take a look...

I got to the point where I had almost lost faith that I would find a temporary place to stay without having to put down a small fortune in non-refundable fees/deposits. When I was starting to feel this despair, I stumbled upon CoLife.

Having the peace of mind that the person I would be staying with has passed a background check and a credit check helped relieved some of my worries. Knowing they have similar beliefs and values and living preferences and styles that were compatible with mine, solidified it.

Now I’m saving money every month and plan to use that money to put a down payment on a house in the next six months.

If you are reading this, know that finding an amazing living situation doesn’t have to be so difficult. The money I invested to have my personal home needs met is priceless. I found this much more reasonable than the few thousand I would have had to pay elsewhere. All I did was fill out the form, keep an open mind, and let CoLife solve my problem.
— Stacey, 30 something
I am a missionary TO Kenya and found a roomie for the summer named Joy, a missionary FROM Kenya! What a blessing to have someone of the same heart! Thank you Co-Life for connecting 2 sisters from another mister.
— Mel, 40 something
Charleston is expensive. Now that we are retiring we could use the extra income.
— Nathan and Sherry, 60 somethings
When I’ve posted on my own people don’t read the description, they waste my time, they message me about unrelated things, have a baby crying when they call, to the point that it’s it’s actually interrupting my day, my work, and takes up a lot of my mental space. Using CoLife saved me an incredible amount of time and effort.
— Nicole, 20 something
I was afraid to list my place on other sites, but I feel like I can trust CoLife.
— Sarah, 40 something
Now that I’m single I have this huge place to my entire self. It would be great to have another person around.
— Tim, 40 something
I wish there had been something like CoLife when I was moving to LA. I would have signed up in a heartbeat.
— Amelia, 20 something