A happier, healthier, more affordable way to do Charleston housing

Discover a happier, healthier, more affordable way to do housing.

CoLife creates home-sharing relationships between Charleston homeowners and responsible renters through mutual trust and shared values


How it Works

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Create a detailed profile featuring your personal preferences for who you want to live with.


Get potential matches who have been pre-vetted and hand selected for you by a CoLife expert.


Complete your background check (and credit for guests), meet your potential matches, and decide which is the the right fit for you!


Why CoLife?

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Save time and money

Using regular online listings means filtering through hundreds of listings that are wrong for you, outdated, or down right scams. CoLife will only suggest real, responsible home-sharers you can trust.

Get matched by a real human being

Sharing a home is an extremely personal experience. A CoLife expert will hand select your potential matches based on a nuanced understanding of your needs and values.

Rest easy

Your home is your sanctuary. Feel secure knowing that all of your potential matches have passed credit & background checks and phone screenings.

No upfront costs

Your happiness is the most important thing. You only pay when you get matched with a home or renter.



People who’ve connected through CoLife!

CoLife - A New Way to Rent and Live

"I just wish I had CoLife when I lived in LA. I wasted so much time searching only to find sketchy places."

CoLife a New Way for Rooms to Rent

“I felt comfortable knowing guests were background and credit checked, and had been vetted to match how I live.”

CoLife - Affordable Housing - Rooms for Rent

"No spams, No scam, and CoLife makes finding the right match easy."

CoLife - A New Way to Rent and Live

"The money I invested to have my personal home needs met is priceless, and this is such an affordable option."

All I did was fill out the form, keep an open mind, and let CoLife solve my problem.



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