How is this different from craigslist?

  • Once the site is fully developed, CoLife will show you all of your mutual friends so that you can check with those people to see if it would be a good fit.

  • CoLife requires background and credit checks of all applicants before introducing them to their matches. We call everyone who signs up to verify the individual.

  • CoLife takes all of your preferences and matches you to the right fit based on your preferences. There are so many variables when it comes to finding the right living situation. We make sure you don’t show up only to find out that the person you might live with has a cat when you’re allergic. We cover all the bases.

  • For those who sign up for our monthly service—also shortly coming—CoLife offers ongoing support, like handling the transaction between hosts and guests, helping mediate any disputes, providing tax documents for hosts, and offering liability insurance to owners and renters insurance to guests to protect everyone’s valuable assets.

How will CoLife keep my information safe and me for that matter?

  • All of our background and credit checks are done by a third party trusted vendor, TransUnion.

  • We keep all other private information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., private, until an interested party has submitted to a background and credit check. At that point, in order to facilitate a meeting between both parties, we share contact information.

  • To keep hosts and guests safe, we will shortly be offering as part of our monthly support mediation services, liability and renter’s insurance.

  • Part of showing mutual friends between hosts and guests is so that they can check with those mutual friends to establish trust between parties.

How are people matched up?

  • For the time being, when forms are submitted we manually match hosts and guests based on the preferences that are submitted, like budget, how important cleanliness is to you, location and more. We are working to build software that will do this and show you your matches automatically based on your preferences. 

Is this service on in Charleston currently?

  • This service is currently only for Charleston to keep a focused target audience. We plan to expand to other geographies.

What about insurance?

  • We require as part of our terms of service that hosts and guests have adequate insurance. Please check your insurance policy, most insurance companies must be notified before renting out a room in your house.