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Colife charges host and guests an equal fee when they are successfully matched. There are two convenient payment options.


One Time Fee

For customers who prefer a one time fee, you can pay 4% of the total rent amount up front. There is minimum of $199 total. If you’re not satisfied and either the host or guest decides to part ways within the first 30 days, we’ll either help you find a new guest/host or give you back 50% of your total payment.

Pay as You Go

We offer a pay you go option for customers who commit to a 6 month minimum stay. In this case, it is a monthly service fee of 6% of the monthly rent amount for the duration of the stay. With that fee you’ll receive additional ongoing support from us at CoLife and we’ll handle the transaction.


In rare cases of one month stays where the total rent amount is less than $800, CoLife will lower its fee and reach out directly to the host and guest.



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