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Become a Host

Are you looking to make extra income from your spare room?  CoLife can help you find a trustworthy, responsible guest who shares your values.


Why become a host with CoLife?

  • The majority of our hosts are making an extra $500 to $1200 a month. Pay your mortgage, earn money for your child’s college education, or finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

  • We let you decide how long you want to host for so you can find the right balance for you. Stays start at 30 days and can be arranged for as long or as short as you want.

  • CoLife runs credit and background checks on all guests and hand matches you with someone based on your values so your home will always be a safe space where you can feel at ease.

  • We match all of your preferences for you so you don’t need to have hours of conversation with someone just to find out that they have a pet you don’t want.

  • Enjoy the extra community, conversation, and comfort of having someone else around!


How it Works

Step 1

Fill our out ‘Host’ application to create a detailed profile about your home and your personal preferences.


Submit the application so that we can start finding you some matches that suite your needs.

Step 3

A CoLife expert will follow up with you to see which matches you are interested in and help guide you to your best match.


Sign up to be a host

Completing the form below will re-direct you to the second portion of the sign-up process.